When the people around you are irresponsible…….

It often ends up looking like you are the one irresponsible , because you are only able to answer for yourself no matter what they have done .

I work hard , and I do good work , for whomever I work . It isn’t an option for me , it is in my blood . It is in my history and in my spirit , I can’t do anything any other way .  But,…( Hate that word) ,….. when others around you do not Fill their promises or obligations out properly , it makes it very difficult for me to do my job . And it seems the world is becoming increasingly more-so  that way .

Sometimes I have to work for Barter instead of Pay . I just had a recent issue in which I will not name the parties involved nor the scenario , but an Item instead of Cash …. What did I get ? An HDMI Monitor for my Video Rig , and when I turned it on , this is what I saw .

Cracked screen , more like smashed actually . Like that is going to help me do My Job .

You have to be careful about who you deal with and How you deal with them . It is harder and harder to survive in this business.


My Life feels like this cracked screen sometimes . Yet I keep going . ….I keep going .


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