So I get a Phone Call………

That led to an All day , video shoot , of a guy that has a pretty incredible story .

I did sound , but had the good sense to bring a camera “Just in case ”  so there ended up being a fair amount of B-Roll to add to the existing ( and pretty dam nice) camera setup already there .

My gear on set was my trusty Roland R44 , Rodes NTG-2 and Cloudlifter CL-1 , in the first chain , on the main actor.

Then for a side /ambient mic I used my Audix 1255 hc Ultra mini condenser clamped to a wall .

My High Stand with a Boom arm put the NTG2 right on the Main source and let me get out of the way so the Camera guy could move freely( very tight space) .

All in all considering the shooting environment and noise issues , This shoot came off pretty good .

I really enjoyed working with the crew that did this , very cool people . I cannot share the Actor in question as I do not have permission . But I think I can share this .

Lights Camera Action

Yesterday was a good day.


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