From Childhood on …

We are trained for war , Every reaction is Instant and Emotional , filled with Rage and Precision . In every Movie , every game .

From cartoon to blockbuster , Good vs Evil , Fight to the death , or blow everything up trying to win or just survive .

Proof of manhood is the strength and willingness to fight ,middle school to  high school , competition , college winner takes all.

From Ninjas to Rambo , Bruce Lee to Highlander , Charles Bronson to Clint Eastwood ,All our Heroes are warriors.

Ever notice that ?

( And yes I even have to include the Jedi Knights vs Darth Vader and the Emperor)

We Glorify it . We embrace it , we Film it and remake it . Over and Over and Over .

Now when something goes wrong in society it is met with Violence of an Extraordinary nature .

Now we have cities in flames because 1 man dies at the hands of a Law Enforcement Officer.

(Oxymoron of a name now isn’t it ?)

Someone insults a Book and they are Murdered ,

Tribal Conflicts  , Financially Inspired Wars and Insurgencies , War is Good for Business . a Lot of money to be made .

I guess that makes it ok doesn’t it …….

Yes ,…… I read the News , just before I take out the Garbage ………………. ( Movie Line embedded there)

We really aren’t very far from the portrayal or image presented to us by the most Perfectly done “Mad Max ”

In that world , not even our beloved James Bond would have time to stop for a Martini ( Shaken not Stirred of course )

Yet We cry out for peace ….. Know Justice , Know Peace

The Students in Hong Kong want Justice , the People in Ferguson want Peace , the People in Afghanistan want peace

( although it may not look like it at the moment ) …………

ISIS wants Power and Control so they can pretend they have Peace .

The Rich want more Money so they can Feel like they have enough protection to be at peace ( but that doesn’t really mean Peace does it …….)

Skyrim , we kill Dragons and other Warriors … Thieves , Wizards

Call of Duty , we Kill each other …………Online , ….. only to grow up and be sent to a Zone where there is no reset button .

Then we go Shopping online ….. while the real world stores are closing their doors ,… …….by ……one … … .

Turn on the TV , Be Entertained , enjoy the movie … It is your training . your obligation . be Absorbed in it .Wide Eyed specimen.

Be Absorbed ………

I read the News … you ?


When the people around you are irresponsible…….

It often ends up looking like you are the one irresponsible , because you are only able to answer for yourself no matter what they have done .

I work hard , and I do good work , for whomever I work . It isn’t an option for me , it is in my blood . It is in my history and in my spirit , I can’t do anything any other way .  But,…( Hate that word) ,….. when others around you do not Fill their promises or obligations out properly , it makes it very difficult for me to do my job . And it seems the world is becoming increasingly more-so  that way .

Sometimes I have to work for Barter instead of Pay . I just had a recent issue in which I will not name the parties involved nor the scenario , but an Item instead of Cash …. What did I get ? An HDMI Monitor for my Video Rig , and when I turned it on , this is what I saw .

Cracked screen , more like smashed actually . Like that is going to help me do My Job .

You have to be careful about who you deal with and How you deal with them . It is harder and harder to survive in this business.


My Life feels like this cracked screen sometimes . Yet I keep going . ….I keep going .

Well My First two orders from Amazon came in ,aaaannnnndddddd —–>>>

The First order was the Amazon Basics , Monopod , for quick grabs of Video or Stills , and for 2000 yen delivered How can you go wrong ? It is quite tall , Lightweight and I really couldn’t ask for more at that price , It is MONO so you don’t have Alignment issues or anything else to go wrong .

The Second order >>>  A little different story . Amazon Basics , Carbon 52″ or 135 CM Collapsing tripod .

#1 Looks Great

#2 Lightweight

#3 Quick Setup ( but I know how to use the Ring type systems , some people complain about them , I like them )

#4 Weight Hook is Spring loaded to keep it from rattling around when carrying it ( Very Cool)

#5 it is a Contortionist , I mean low angle , Off angle whatever Angle you want , You have it .

#6 Panning Head , with Bubble level that is actually OK

And did I mention , It really looks cool!

Caveats , or Buyer Beware …….

This is the part I don’t like and it is only one fault but a glaring one …

When Fully Extended all clamps tight and tubes are pulled to full extension and double checked for that …….

I set the tripod up on the living room floor and started walking around it ,…..and noticed something …….

It wasn’t level ….. I mean a JUST Few Degrees off . you could clearly see that it was NOT at 90 degrees upright .

The Legs or tubes where not cut equally and two of the legs are off by different amounts .

Now ,  For some people that would be enough to send it back , and truth be told maybe I should . But ,…( there is that word again) BUT , I am willing to live with it for two reasons . Please let me explain.

#1 I can put the Pan head on my OTHER tripod and be happy with it ( That alone is worth the 100 dollars the tripod cost)

#2 For Still shots , that Slight alignment issue simply won’t matter . ( Video is a different story )

I have in fact already swapped the head from my other Velbon tripod to it to make it a still shot , steady frame video tripod .

The Panning head has a 3/8″ Hole instead of 1/4 ”  so I will need a small adapter for that , no biggie . ( 50 cents ??)

AAAnnnnnnddddd so I can live with it , as that I got a Smooth Panning head out of the deal , and this thing folds up into nothing practically so I can stick it in my Backpack and it goes where I do . Nuff Said .

Things to save up for .

What is the Best 1000 dollars you could spend ?

It would depend a LOT on what you do ,or what your goals are . For some it would be simply a DOWNPAYMENT on a Carbon Frame for their Road Bike setup. For others again a DOWNPAYMENT on a Pro Camera setup like a Canon 7D or similar .

A Good Video Camera rig ? see the previous post at 30,000 dollars plus .

Good set of Tires for your car , Hmmm now we are down in the 1000 dollars range ( key word being GOOD tires)

So I hope that sets the perspective of what 1000 dollars would mean , I mean you can Build an Moderate Gaming computer system for that amount .

So If I had 1000 dollars Right now at this moment what would I buy ( assuming my wife wouldn’t take it all from me )

This :  ——–

And it would not be missing anything,…. except Cables ( Which I have a Box full) (UPDATE : Email from Lindell Audio—->>>>>>

CABLES ARE INCLUDED !!!!!   ( ok now to go wipe the egg off my face >>>>>)


Actual Hardware , Ready to go . World Class sound . In a Box .  ( and knobs and switches YAY)


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 4.02.29 PM

Huge visible Gain reduction meter on the compressor .

Classic Pultec EQ section with definition to die for .

Here is the Back view

500 Back

Separated inputs and outputs for each section so you can use them in Series OR use each stage on its own in different scenarios channels on your recording console . ( Short Self Made XLR cables would be a Must here)

Grounded Power helping to eliminate noise issues , All Balanced connections on each stage , again Noise is gone .

Huge amounts of Gain from the Mic pre on its own ( 65 Db of Gain to be precise)  then add the Compressor stage and instead of Compressing use the In/Out to bring even MORE gain into the pathway , there isn’t a Ribbon Mic around that would not be happy running thru this , Ahhh but then you have the Pultec style EQ to finish it off, with bringing the Sweet into the Source audio path.

Yes ,….what is 1000 dollars worth .  ….I have seen single channel Mic preamps with No EQ , no Compression or control whatsoever , just two knobs In/Out that go for way more than 1000 dollars .

I am soon wishing I had a Grand to play with ……. This is what I would buy with it . Right now , no questions asked.