Since I am going to have to buy Motion to Replace what the UPDATE cost me .

I decided to look at videos online about Motion as that I want to increase my editing skills , and Motion has always been a Mystery to me , I Know how to use FCP , quite well actually . But Motion I just could not wrap my head around for some reason .

Today I saw this video . And although the process was tedious and drawn out to make the final scene work , Wow did it work .


I will be getting Motion 5 , But I will not buy FCP , not after what Apple did to me .

iMovie will give me most of ( 85% ) what I want to do , but the sweet stuff Transitions , and Overlays , and the stuff that makes a Video pop . Text , 3D , Short Animations , Camera Movements etc ,…. Motion ….

I must learn it . It is a step towards being able to do better things in Life I think .


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