Ok APPLE , Y U DO THIS ? ( Final Cut Pro , Older Version is NOT Compatible with YOSEMITE )

What The >>????? You know where this is going to go ,

APPLE You owe me a Copy of Final Cut Pro . as that the Yosemite Update Made my Copies of Motion , Compressor , and Final Cut Pro , Inactive , and unusable .

You have just cost me .  The ONLY redeeming factor in this is you updated iMovie to a Usable feature set .

Instead of being able to load the project I am working on Right now , into Final Cut pro , I am using iMovie . But this fact doesn’t negate the FCP , Motion , and Compressor were made Incompatible and I could not update them either .

Let this serve as a notice for anyone else out there , If you have FCP that was NOT from the APP store , but the original Packaged version , It will not be compatible with OS X  when you update .



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