Since I am going to have to buy Motion to Replace what the UPDATE cost me .

I decided to look at videos online about Motion as that I want to increase my editing skills , and Motion has always been a Mystery to me , I Know how to use FCP , quite well actually . But Motion I just could not wrap my head around for some reason .

Today I saw this video . And although the process was tedious and drawn out to make the final scene work , Wow did it work .


I will be getting Motion 5 , But I will not buy FCP , not after what Apple did to me .

iMovie will give me most of ( 85% ) what I want to do , but the sweet stuff Transitions , and Overlays , and the stuff that makes a Video pop . Text , 3D , Short Animations , Camera Movements etc ,…. Motion ….

I must learn it . It is a step towards being able to do better things in Life I think .


A Review of Lindell Audio Plugins

First of , Let me say I am working on a Video for this plugin series , but have been having major life issues these past two weeks.

And the video will happen soon , but I have had the chance to play around with this and test it out, and see what compatibility issues there are .

First here is a shot of it in Wavelab .

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 8.05.18 AM

I used it to Process an Opera Vocal that was recorded in a room that would not allow a decent Sound reproduction of the performance . It was a Recording that I wish I could do over under better circumstances because I just could never be happy with what happened . But Using a Combination of Image Widening and Compression / Multiband Limiting I could get peaks under some control and then I finished it off with the Lindell Audio Channel X ,  as you see here .

Adding some character to the centre of the image , Warmth and depth with the M/S settings in the EQ section output .

It was a Pleasant surprise to hear this work and the change in tone and tweaking the Mic Gain on the input stage added grit to the centre . The Compression section is very usable , giving you options For Ratio , Frequency selectable Soft Clipping ( WAY Cool) , Switches for Attack time and Release . But the Kicker is the Dry/Wet Option . Usually you would have to run an Effect Chain Host that had Balance controls to get that , But the Dry/Wet is built-in so you get a very smooth transition in the signal path that your running it on.

But How about Compatibility with DAW of your choosing ?  We know that in the “Wild Wild West” of the new Digital Millenium , Your almost on your own when software companies aren’t listening to each other .

How about a shock . Are you ready ?

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 3.18.01 PM

Yes , this is Lindell Audio’s ChannelX  open in GARAGE BAND version 10 .

Now if that isn’t enough reason to get it , I don’t know what is .  Many people do not know that GB will host AU Units , not just the built-in effects . And here is your proof . Plus It really Looks good .

Cubase , Wavelab , DSP-Quattro , StudioOne2 Producer version , Nuendo , whatever your using pretty much this Plugin will go there .

The Analogue buttons are to add the Saturated feel of actual analogue gear , Take some of the “Digital ” Sterility and soften it up , and it actually does a decent job of it .

Lindell Audio’s Website is a place to drool over stuff , as that , they ARE actually Hardware Audio guys , and the Plugin is designed to reflect the Actual Gear ,….That They Make.  …………..Ummm …… Very Hard to top that .

Proof of Concept is this   ,….. Actual Hardware .  God I want that Rack , How cool is that .

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 4.02.29 PM

Real Analogue , True control over a Single Channel of Audio in every detail , BUT ,… the Plugin Works in Stereo channels and as a Master Plugin , Yes …. I put it on the Master Bus and really like what it does .

When I get the problems sorted out with my Computer/Video setup ( Really bad timing )  I will get my video up about this as well.

But for now here is my Review of this Plug , and I must say if you’re in Audio , and you take it seriously . You should have this in your arsenal . Period . It is just what is needed .

Did I mention ….This runs EVEN IN GARAGE BAND ????  I need a drink now .

Ok APPLE , Y U DO THIS ? ( Final Cut Pro , Older Version is NOT Compatible with YOSEMITE )

What The >>????? You know where this is going to go ,

APPLE You owe me a Copy of Final Cut Pro . as that the Yosemite Update Made my Copies of Motion , Compressor , and Final Cut Pro , Inactive , and unusable .

You have just cost me .  The ONLY redeeming factor in this is you updated iMovie to a Usable feature set .

Instead of being able to load the project I am working on Right now , into Final Cut pro , I am using iMovie . But this fact doesn’t negate the FCP , Motion , and Compressor were made Incompatible and I could not update them either .

Let this serve as a notice for anyone else out there , If you have FCP that was NOT from the APP store , but the original Packaged version , It will not be compatible with OS X  when you update .


John Arrias DVD release Date

According to what I have learned , The “Approximate ” release Date will be Jan 2015 , which would make more sense to me than trying to push it thru in October like it was originally planned on .

I was going to do the Editing for it , but ended up with Very serious health issues during that Editing time period and was In and Out of several Hospitals to try and deal with what was quickly becoming My worst nightmare . I get what are called Occipital Headaches , they don’t happen all the time , but when they do , I am lifeless for weeks after the period of the attacks when they happen because they come in Waves , or Groups , each one lasting 6 – 10 hours of the most excruciating pain you can imagine , feels like your life is about to end ( in some case with some people ,….it does )

This Happened to me at the worst possible time , But My Name will still be on the DVD as The Cinematographer .

Oh well , Life has it’s moments ….. “This too Shall Pass”