A Film Festival entry I did the Post Sound production on .

Winner Reto Jury Award – DocsDF, Mexico City, Mexico 2014
Official Selection – DC Shorts Film Festival, Washington DC, USA, 2014
Official Selection – LA Diversity Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 2014
Official Selection – FARCUME: Festival de Curtas-Metragens de Faro, Portugal, 2014
Official Selection – UnderGround Short Film Festival, Cork, Ireland, 2014
Official Selection – Costa Rica International Film Festival, Montezuma, Costa Rica, 2014
Official Selection – Nordic Docs, Fredrikstad Norway, 2014
Official Selection – The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival, Volda, Norway 2014
Official Selection – Lifetree Film Festival, Loveland, Colorado USA, 2014
Official Selection – Tromsø International Film Festival, Tromsø, Norway 2014

TEASER: Besos en el Zocalo // Kisses in Zocalo from maida hals on Vimeo.


It Is Amazing how much of a mess the world is in .

Reading the news , can be a very depressing venture if your not already aware of where it is going . But even that doesn’t stem the depleted sense of despair for the Human Species . From the Violence in the Middle East , to the Scottish Independence fight , to the Ebola in Africa , to the Censorship of the internet in the middle of the Chinese Protests .

But these things are happening for reasons many refuse to understand , and never will . But the simple truth is it isn’t going to get better without getting a whole lot worse first .

The Climate Change issues are just beginning to show themselves in the patters of Nature , Storms , and Changes in the Ice Caps , Volcanism , Geological displacements , and many other issues are coming .

Human attitudes are changing toward each other , I have dealt with several issues recently with people online , just to witness the fury and vehemence that can come from even a simple truth set in front of them in a forum .

The Political state of things is changing right in front of everyone without their notice , and Laws are being passed without proxy or public referendum .

Todays movie is Shadowman ….

Tomorrow ?   is your movie ….. what will you write ?

Vancouver No Asahi , ” The Rising Sun over Vancouver”

http://www.vancouver-asahi.jp I am in this movie in several places , and characters in different time periods .  Click the Link and it will take you to the Preview page which is all in Japanese , but the third link to the right on the bottom of the page leads to 3 preview videos . It is actually going to be a good movie I think. Well filmed , great colour , and cinematography . Vancouver No Asahi Movie Preview It will be shown at the Vancouver Film Festival , Sept 29 , this month . And then after that will see full release in Japan, December 20-2014 .  The Vancouver Asahi Baseball team , even has it’s history written in the Vancouver Baseball Museum .

The Movie is based largely on historical fact , embellished with of course Romance and Dramatics to take you on a journey thru the eyes and mind of the Movie creators , who I must say did a great job . The Camera Crew and sound crew really had their act together and moved thru scenes in Multiples , While one scene was being filmed another was being prepared and setup elsewhere on the set so they could move from scene to scene without stopping . It was Busy for some , sit and wait for others .

The Main actors , All have history in the Music and Media industry here in Japan , and I especially appreciate Kamiji san , and how he treated the kids who were on set . During breaks from scenes , or while a scene was being reviewed by the camera crew and director He would come over and talk with the Kids ( who were all Real Troupers , and carried themselves better than a lot of adults I know and exercised great patience throughout the whole day of shooting ) I got the chance to talk Baseball a little with him , and he was a very cool guy .

I am very much looking forward to seeing this movie , and even if I wasn’t in it , I think I would go , as I like this style of Movie . In Japan there is a Movie based on the Showa 1949-60’s period , about life in Tokyo and changes that were happening so fast to everyone ,called “Always”   Before the Tokyo Tower , (as it was being built ) and then the sequel when everyone has grown older and looking back .  “Always”  was a great story , filled with humour , wit , and characters that leave you with a smile on your face . It has a similar style of cinematography but , I think Vancouver is going to be much more rich in Colour and depth . I can’t wait to see it . See if you can spot me in all the roles I played !

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Was Wondering why my Macbook was slowing down ?

Checked the HDD info and it said I only had 106 GB left available ??? 750gb inside , Whoa ?

So I open “Grand Perspective ” a Mac app that lets you see how big stuff is .

A DVD project I had forgotten to delete had doubled and was eating up my drive . I just deleted over 540 GB in one DVD project

For a Birthday video …………. OhhhhhKayyyyyy then .

Yep it is back to snappy now . Whew!