Visited the Opera Singer today ……..

Let her Listen to what has been done , I fixed the 3 clipping areas  and All is Well , She was quite happy with what she heard from me ( Not so with her own performance , Which I chastised her over being too critical of herself)  You see , She Gave of herself to the Audience and Lived in the Moment that was there , and THAT is what Performance is actually about , The Classical realm is to caught up in Perfection which is why I prefer the BARD , give me Vivaldi over Mozart .  I was glad to have been the one to capture this , even though the Room was a Horrible place to record .

I Managed a few miracles , Didn’t quite walk on Water , but definitely broke bread .  and Compared to the original recording , I can give her a Good memory of her FIRST RECITAL  , yeah thats right  FIRST ,…. Cannot mess that up , You only get 1 shot at it , and First only happens Once . So Make it good . 


  I am content , We had Coffee and She had Cheesecake , I had the Deeply Disturbingly Dark Chocolate cake .  and a decent headphone preamp with 2 pairs of studio cans , and my Laptop in the middle of Starbucks in Shinkjuku , people looking at us like Huh????? With Pretty Waveforms going across my screen . 

   A Good day .




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