One of my Favourite Videos by Utada Hikaru

Why ? It shows the songwriting process , the Involvement with the song , the idea , the focus , The isolating of oneself away from all other distractions to make something actually happen . And the Joy of it . ( Plus she is using the same Headphones I got !)  


Powering My Portables >>> Audio on the Run

I have scored two cool finds in the past week , Audio Solutions for Location stuff , I like Gadgets that Capture Sound , and I REALLY Like Gadgets that can do it with DC or Battery Power . 

  This week as a previous post I put up the AZDEN FMX32 , It is Battery Powered , and Takes DC Standard plug at 12 VDC +center .  

 Yesterday I snagged a Soundcraft Compact 4 Mixer from a Music store on my way back from my Chiropractor  , I stopped at a Music store I Know and they let me have it for the Points left on my Point card , No money changed hands for this How cool . The Adapter had issues , but the Mixer worked . It ….Also has , a 12 VDC + Center DC plug on the side . So Portable power 



I have one of these , and Yes I can Highly recommend it . Multi Voltage output , USB 5 Volts ( but the USB Plug is a little Sloppy or Loose )  But it has Switchable 12 , 16 , 19 volts out as well , and the Cable without any of the Adapters , fits both my Portables perfectly , Smooth 12 volts DC , and enough power to last ALL DAY LONG , with Phantom Power on the Mics .

Slim Lightweight , and just simply works ….. 

I know it will eventually putter out and I will need a new one , But I would definitely replace this piece of gear without hesitation.

How to get around the AVCHD video file import limits

I have a Huge project I am working on , and have tried several softwares to Convert or repackage my AVCHD File containers to normal Quicktime files .  I have done some research , and digging to get my mind wrapped around this issue . Here is a Video I just did describing the solution I have come up with . Hope it helps . 

AVCHD , File Import using Quicktime Pro Codecs that come with Final Cut Pro .

No Words


Mrs Doubtfire 


Good Will Hunting

Dead Poets Society……….

Of which he is now Officially a Member of .

He was a Poet , a Madman , a Genius , and the True Court Jester , who could taunt the King with Aplomb , and Ne’er e’en doubt his safety from the Swords Bite . 

This hit me hard , he was an inspiration to so many whom he knew not , but even from a distant roar of laughter , the tears of Joy that could be heard . 


 But there is a different tear in my eye now………….

Visited the Opera Singer today ……..

Let her Listen to what has been done , I fixed the 3 clipping areas  and All is Well , She was quite happy with what she heard from me ( Not so with her own performance , Which I chastised her over being too critical of herself)  You see , She Gave of herself to the Audience and Lived in the Moment that was there , and THAT is what Performance is actually about , The Classical realm is to caught up in Perfection which is why I prefer the BARD , give me Vivaldi over Mozart .  I was glad to have been the one to capture this , even though the Room was a Horrible place to record .

I Managed a few miracles , Didn’t quite walk on Water , but definitely broke bread .  and Compared to the original recording , I can give her a Good memory of her FIRST RECITAL  , yeah thats right  FIRST ,…. Cannot mess that up , You only get 1 shot at it , and First only happens Once . So Make it good . 


  I am content , We had Coffee and She had Cheesecake , I had the Deeply Disturbingly Dark Chocolate cake .  and a decent headphone preamp with 2 pairs of studio cans , and my Laptop in the middle of Starbucks in Shinkjuku , people looking at us like Huh????? With Pretty Waveforms going across my screen . 

   A Good day .



Thinking Very Hard about another NTG2

Why ?  well a Very directional Stereo Set is a cool idea , but My Recent events with a Very Beautiful and talented Mezzo Soprano Opera singer , lead me to not want to let certain things happen again .

The Room for this event was Great for a small intimate setting and the Audience , to be close up and in the moment ( I have pix to prove it ) BUT , and here is the Caveat Emptor .   The AC Unit in the Ceiling , was HUGE and VERY much in the mix , Way to noisy for putting a Rodes NT4 in the ceiling .

The Rodes NT4 although being a Cardioid pattern stereo mic , has a Very wide pickup pattern and it seemed to make a Point out of grabbing the AC just to give me fits in the processing of the Audio.

Also , It is a VERY sensitive mic , and in this case maybe Too much so . The Frequency Compression in the room was overpowering when she hit the Big notes , and certain notes that the Tone Base was at about 637 hz , with overtones in the 1.2 to 1.3 Khz range , They were oscillating against each other slightly out of phase and cause distortion even well below Audio Peak levels . I have the piano sound quite good for the room we were in , but the vocals I really had a Difficult time processing because of the Room , Not because of the vocalists ( There were Two )

But The Slightly less sensitive NTG2 Shotgun mic , and its directionality setup in an ORTF or  Wide Spaced pair . I think would give me much better control of the AC dependant environments .

Less AC Noise to remove ( Which was HUGE  in this case , ) I don’t say that Lightly either , I worked Miracles on this Audio , no question . The AC Noise was a FIRM 45 db of the Audio , and I have it almost gone .  But Less to Remove , means Less Damage to the Audio File to begin with .

I have 1 NTG2 , and I like it with certain things , have used it on several Commercials . Like this one


Yes I Did the Audio for this . and I used the NTG2 with a Roland R44 for the Head shots , and the Voiceover sections I used a Audix F-15 with Pop Filter thru a TC Helicon T1  pedal into the the R44.

But the AC Unit in the Mezzo Sopranos Performance was a Nightmare , I am usually pretty good at removing 100 % of Moderate AC noise and anomalies , but this one took me a LOT longer to do and I am not happy with myself in this instance ( Not the Audio final product ) But My Choices of what to use before I went there in the first place .

I could have saved myself a LOT of trouble , by knowing just a little more about the room and Issues before hitting the record button .

See this is the difference between Real LIVE sound guys and Fixed Location Sound guys ,

In a Recording studio your in a Controlled environment and you know your gear , and you get Expected Results from it almost every time .  But Out in the field  you do not know what your going to get hit with . Or the Variables of the situation . So you need to have Gear that is extremely Flexible to the variables , and Dependable because you don’t have a Fallback like in a Recording studio.

You get 1 shot to get it right … and Some Fix Time after with your software . but not too much or you lose a client .

You need the right Mic or Mics for the Job . No exceptions .

Then you need to know what to do afterwards to make it all come together .