Finally some real Progress

Thanks to a Plugin called Limit6 , from a Russian developer , It is marvellous once you get used to how it works . And the Cool guys at Soundness as well . I have SoundSoap 3 but did not have the Plugins , and so I can work in the Enhancements .


The 3 main Plugs for Taming the Vocals in this recording will be Limit6 , Sonnox Denoiser , SoundSoap3 , and Proximity .  Finishing Touches , will be Eareckon’s absolutely beautiful Reverb .

But at this point I can now play the file without the laptop speaker Rattling ( Key Test) in the Headphones it is Moderate , I cannot say Good yet , But Moderate , in the Monitors in the studio it is to clear , and a bit piercing .  but clean . If I can just get it to be a bit more powerful without the harshness , and Get it warm enough to be pleasing to the ears then I will be happy with it and send it on .  But I have spent a week trying to tame the issues . Hard Walls , No Baffling or Frequency Absorbing material  whatsoever, Small Room , and an Opera Singer with some power …..

This one has been an adventure , and I am in way quite glad I got it , as this is the stuff that keeps your skills sharpened , You can never take Location recording for granted . Each Room or Place is different and will require different things from you the Engineer . And you have to be ready for it , You only get 1 chance , there aren’t any overdubs in the Live event . Which makes it the Riskiest , and Hardest recording venue there is , everything else in in a Controlled environment . so you know what your getting .

But Soon , I will post a sample once it comes into view


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