Small Rooms are Not the Place to do Opera

Yes I know that , but you have to go with what is there . An Opera Singers voice is way more powerful that a Rock Singer will ever even think about , They just cannot go there .  and in a small room with Hard walls , and a Convoluted Ceiling , the reflections are obnoxious , Add to it a Very large Air conditioner vent about 3 feet in front of the Stereo  Overhead mic, a Rode NT4 .

Inside the Piano were a Pair of AKG C214’s  with Low cut filter on the Treble side mic  for better separation .

I have just spent the entire day , trying to get Phase Variance distortion out of these files , I managed to get 95 % of the Air conditioner out , and am quite happy about that , Thank you Wavelab , and Sonnox Noise Remover . Awesome Sauce .  But The Room itself is the main problem now .  Her voice was so big in spots the Room began to compress with frequencies bouncing off of the walls and Ceiling back into themselves creating Phase issues big time .


Still have work to do . But I will conquer , I always do .



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