Several Pieces of a VERY Big Puzzle ,…..Just Fell into place

I received an Email …. a Very Positive Email . that is all I’ma gonna say . 


Birthday DVD Stuff imported and Foundation laid

Spent the morning getting an opening theme built , then the Main 2 hour video into Final Cut , then the secondary Audio Track ( Which may be the Main track in the end ) 

Time aligned , some noise redux , etc .  So the Groundwork is now there , The next thing is to get the Audio sounding good , full and fat . Then add all the B Roll Segments and Panning shots all cut and trimmed to fit and Time Aligned as well . Then Transitions Blurs , and a few spices , maybe a Glass or two of Whiskey ( three?  )  LOL  , 


  Over 20 Gb worth of stuff to separate and trim out to fit . Cut it all down to size , the export it . Gonna take a little while I think  But I have a fair amount of Good over the not usable  so I think it will all workout .

Re-Arranging ( and Cleaning ) My Studio

God what a mess …  But with the nature of the work that is coming , it needs to be done , a Lot of in house Video production , as well as Location stuff is starting to happen and when your disorganised you don’t get anything done . 

  I have built a Video Corner in  the studio , and made enough room under the platform to put stuff under it . But more room is needed at this point . Need to Get Cables out of Boxes and coiled up and hung so they are at the ready ( and Neat of course) Some stuff needs to be gotten rid of , other stuff needs to be put away , And stuff needs to be built . 


 Feelin a bit exhausted !

Tascam UH-7000 Review and Test

A Bit of Promotion for Tascam Incorporated , and an Introduction for those in Home recording as to Why you may want to invest in this preamp . It is a Multifunctional device , that can interface with several types of systems and is a great sounding piece of Gear . Perfect for Home Studio , or Mid Pro Level Studio , Location Sound where there is access to power , as well as Pro Studios that need an Extra couple of Channels ( Who doesn’t ?)   A Very nice Presentation by the Tascam Company , and I think they need to put out More Gear at this Level . The UH-7000 is a win.

I Also decided to Show the Mixer Panel overview  to give you an Idea of what to expect from it .

Current States

Yes , I have gotten close to where I wanted now , no where near Perfect as the Circumstances of the recording would not allow that . But considering what I was up against , Useable indeed .  This is the original file off the R44 and as you can see quite LOW as the Limiters in the R44 squashed everything .



The Trick here is to bring up the levels without creating more harm than good . The Vocals were the main reason the Limiters in the R44 went nuts .

Also I did not have the R44 in the Large Meter view ( My Mistake ) but I don’t think it would have mattered much . In this case the Voice was so loud that the limiter squashed EVERYTHING Piano included , so How to bring this up without squashing more , Limiter6 a Multiband Limiter that would allow the Piano to breath while Just kissing the tops of the Voice frequencies . So in the software I setup Limiter6 in the first slot with several stages of gain , The compressor input +2.5db in , then the MBL , +3 db of Gain threshold at -6db , High Frequency Limiter at .8 db and output Protect level at -5db with again +2 db of Boost

Next Effect Slot was a plugin called Proximity , I had it set to add Proximity effect or Bass/treble response that would be if the Mic was brought closer to an instrument . Stereo Width B , Proximity B , and a few other settings to fatten the sound up as it was very thin and harsh . This is where the main smoothing really starts to happen .

Next Effect slot was CS-Strip87 , for Tone Control a little more Compression gain , and another limiter just touching the peaks as I am bringing it up .

Next slot Eareckon Brickwall Limiter again Just Kissing the Tops of the Peaks while bringing some more gain .

Then finished in the last slot with another instance of Limiter6 in Multiband mode , to just catch the Highest peaks of her voice and tame the transients . Here is the result . Much better , except that the Air Conditioner noise comes up as well . a LOT of Whiteband and Brown Noise at this point but Piano is now sitting nicely against her voice .



So , Next stage , Process Save the file , clean out the Effect slots . 4 empty slots to fill now .

I start with CS-Strip 87 ( Eareckon , I love this plugin) slot 1 . then TWO  Noise Processors back to back working in stages in Slots 2 and 3

Slot 2= SoundSoap3  , with Variable Enhancement feature that brings in some more warmth and low frequency as well as smoothing highs .

Slot 3 = Sonnox Denoiser Broadband noise reduction .

By CAREFULLY adjust the settings of each to play off of each other , the Air conditioner and other Ambient noise that was SO Loud , was 85% gone . For this recording that is as far as I want to push it . If I push it further too many Artifacts will show up and not sound good at all.

Last in Slot 4 was Eareckon’s Reverb , Get this if you don’t have it . So many controls . It is a Room /Hall/Space designer as much as it is a Reverb Processor .   So Creating a Space instead of Dousing it with reverb is what I wanted to do . to just further Soften the Hard Transients and I did it .

Final with Verb

That Looks good , Dynamic Range , No Crushed Tops or Straight lines across the Tops at all . with Just a TOUCH of squeeze in the sound that you really have to listen for to hear it ( Mainly on her Highest Loudest notes )  But the Piano is Lively and feels MUCH nicer .

Then after this I open up Studio one and Combine this Track which was the Overhead Air Mic ( Stereo Rode NT4 hanging from the ceiling ) , with the Piano mics which were inside the Piano and didn’t need any real heavy processing . Bleeding just enough into the Master to make the Piano sound a little more rich . IMG_1259


Now I feel better , and so will my Client I think .  It isn’t CD quality material by any means , but it works as a Demo and That is all she really wanted anyway , but I will chop this up add the Metadata Fades I/O  etc , package it and send it , I played with MANY different effects and setting for over a week to find what was going to work best . And I had to break several rules in Audio to get what I was after . Or as Close to it as I fell comfortable Pushing it .

Case is Closed on the Small Room HUGE Voice Frequency Explosion Convolution Case .  It isn’t Perfect by any means , But the environment it came from likely would not allow any better ( Had I NOT used the Limiters in the R44 , and the Large Meter view , Maybe I could have gotten better Source material . That would have been nice . But now I can make a short sample video of Pix of her with some of this show as the backing track . ( I have her permission to do so ) and will post that up here as well , Stay tuned .


Finally some real Progress

Thanks to a Plugin called Limit6 , from a Russian developer , It is marvellous once you get used to how it works . And the Cool guys at Soundness as well . I have SoundSoap 3 but did not have the Plugins , and so I can work in the Enhancements .


The 3 main Plugs for Taming the Vocals in this recording will be Limit6 , Sonnox Denoiser , SoundSoap3 , and Proximity .  Finishing Touches , will be Eareckon’s absolutely beautiful Reverb .

But at this point I can now play the file without the laptop speaker Rattling ( Key Test) in the Headphones it is Moderate , I cannot say Good yet , But Moderate , in the Monitors in the studio it is to clear , and a bit piercing .  but clean . If I can just get it to be a bit more powerful without the harshness , and Get it warm enough to be pleasing to the ears then I will be happy with it and send it on .  But I have spent a week trying to tame the issues . Hard Walls , No Baffling or Frequency Absorbing material  whatsoever, Small Room , and an Opera Singer with some power …..

This one has been an adventure , and I am in way quite glad I got it , as this is the stuff that keeps your skills sharpened , You can never take Location recording for granted . Each Room or Place is different and will require different things from you the Engineer . And you have to be ready for it , You only get 1 chance , there aren’t any overdubs in the Live event . Which makes it the Riskiest , and Hardest recording venue there is , everything else in in a Controlled environment . so you know what your getting .

But Soon , I will post a sample once it comes into view