Audio Work I have done.

Here is a List of Videos , I helped produce .

Nikkei Asia Weekly

Gnee Business Communications.  (  One  &  Two)

Kiss (Besos)    A Documentary filmed in Mexico .

Scattergrass    Links to iTunes , I mastered this Album of some pretty darn good Bluegrass

and quite a few others .

Soon to come , John Arrias Seminar DVD , and a bunch of others ….

But today I started a service , I will venture into Tokyo and setup relationships with small business owners , to do English Videos for there Websites and Youtube .  Did a Very cool Coffee Shop this morning .  Processing the video later tonight and will Drop Box it to the Client when done .

Freelance work , Isn’t Free , you pay attention to Communications you give of yourself , and make it work . Just do it .


One thought on “Audio Work I have done.

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