Video Gear Progresses even further!!!!

Today , I started my Browser up at around 6 am right after my Wife left for her job , and was checking for used Audio Gear Like I have a Tendency to do .

Just got my First Paycheck from  , where I work part time , and I struck Gold , …..Well to me it is anyway !


In one of The Music Stores near to me , they had the ZOOM H6 with Accessory kit for just about Half of what I would have to pay new for the Unit and Kit .  The Gold Part ?  It is New , Unused , as in Still sealed in Plastic all the goodies inside the box . ( Well it isn’t sealed now I assure you )

In Fact I went to Yokohama BEFORE I went to work today , Waited for the Music Store to Open and Snagged it before someone else could have , and then went to work at MY Music store ( Which I am doing a Film for at the moment and USED the Zoom H6 on the segment of Video I was shooting today  . And I am indeed PLEASED with the results .

Stereo Mic LR , and an AKGC3000b on Channel 1 / Used the Remote control to start stop recording for each take while operating the Video Camera .

Imported the Footage into the Project along with the Audio from the Zoom ,  Edited the start end times etc , Placed the Video in the timeline and added the Audio . Lined up like a Snap all 3 tracks , and the sound quality was better than I had expected or hoped for .

The Video in Question has ALL the makings of a Hit Movie .

It Has Guitars , It has Girls ( um 1 actually ) It has Ninjas . and …most importantly It has style . Yep Yours Truly putting it thru the ringer .

I only have two more scenes to shoot , then do Voiceovers and some Foley . Then the Beast will be released into the wild .


ZOOM H6 …   I Like It , ALOT !!!!!!



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