Almost Finished

A Video I have been working on for about a month is almost done . a Voiceover to do and a couple sound effects , But the Main Body is done, I did some colour scaling and Smoothing out rough spots , Transitions etc , last night . Was up until about 11pm .

Wife stayed home to watch the Soccer game between Japan and Columbia , ruining my chance to do the recording stuff . 

But Maybe I can get something done before I go to work today . 


It looks pretty good.


My New recording Setup in Testing

(This cool Setup is no longer with me as this post was a couple years ago , but shows the way I think about setups , I sold this rig to get other gear and some nicer Mics . I can always get a Mixing board , But the Soundcraft M4 is a Very nice board for what it is , ONLY downside was the SPDIF Digital Out was only 16 bit )


My New recording Setup in Testing  Massive Sonic Capability

Soundcraft M4 with Roland R44

Direct outs with Fader control , Yes .




I specifically wanted this Mixer because of how it integrates into my System .

Roland R44 = 4 inputs TRS Balanced with Limiters for each channel .

Extra Inputs on my Focusrite 18i6  Interface TRS Balanced , and Noise free.

Zoom H6 without attachments 4 Inputs TRS Balanced , 6 With attachment .  ( 4 Direct Outs Plus Main Stereo Mix from Mix Master )

100 mm light touch Faders , that actually control the Direct outs , Full control over the sound .

For most situations this will be sufficient indeed , But the Mixer has a full suite of Line inputs as well that can take Bleeds from Wireless Mics , Sub Mixes , Recording Outs from other equipment , that Can All be brought into focus and fed into a Stereo Pair on the recorder while Maintaining 4 Direct outs for parts that I may want more finite control over in Post , Editing a Vocal part that is embedded in a Mix is basically EQ and Multiband Compression where you can select the frequencies you wish to play with . But Having the Vocal Separate means I get to play . Really make it sound Good before dropping it into a Mix , and Live Recording doesn’t generally afford you that option , unless you are using the House Board with Routing to a Multichannel Recorder and Can have the Main house system all to your self.  That doesn’t happen very often . So the Portable rig for Live recording , Generally gets Mixed down to stereo and handed off the the Videographer if there is one so they can sync what you do have with the video .

But This setup ,… I get to have some fun . And bring Good Things to Life , so to speak .

Just have to get a good case for the Mixer now . Am Actively hunting for that .

Sometimes my Wife is a Very Cool Person

I have a Video Audio business skill set , that goes back many years , and Tools to make that Skill set work are not easy to come by .

I just spent the evening with a Soundcraft Spirit M4 mixer Testing out several mics and wirings , and am a Happy Camper indeed but I now owe my Wife about 400 dollars …… She Loaned me 500 , but I sold a Mic pre to help differ the costs .

So now it is 4 bills .. But I don’t mind …. This mixer does everything I need , and then some . I am Happy .

I have a great sounding Mixer now that I instinctively know and Has all the sound Quality I need for making some Really Magical stuff happen .  Because I just happen to be somewhat good at what I do .  And with the right tools , I can do exactly that which I need to do .


(UPDATE , this debt is paid )

Amber Cafe , Shibuya Station

Very Cool Cafe , with music Always playing , and a laid back atmosphere , 3 minutes walk from Shibuya , Hachiko Statue . 6 floors above the Streets of Shibuya , Take a moment to breath and have a Cup of Java , Maybe Write some Java while your there as they have WiFi in house . Cheesecake Chocolate , and other stuff to add to the main food menu . One of my Spots in Shibuya to relax , Make it yours as well .

Video By Me , Tiny Bird Productions
At your service .

Audio Work I have done.

Here is a List of Videos , I helped produce .

Nikkei Asia Weekly

Gnee Business Communications.  (  One  &  Two)

Kiss (Besos)    A Documentary filmed in Mexico .

Scattergrass    Links to iTunes , I mastered this Album of some pretty darn good Bluegrass

and quite a few others .

Soon to come , John Arrias Seminar DVD , and a bunch of others ….

But today I started a service , I will venture into Tokyo and setup relationships with small business owners , to do English Videos for there Websites and Youtube .  Did a Very cool Coffee Shop this morning .  Processing the video later tonight and will Drop Box it to the Client when done .

Freelance work , Isn’t Free , you pay attention to Communications you give of yourself , and make it work . Just do it .

Partnerships and Possibilities

Partnership : Interesting Word — Partner + Ship , Fellow Ship another word .

We are Ships , Passing thru the waters of life , we happen upon each other and we choose , wether to be Foe or Friend.

Then the Partner  Ship  or Ship that is running along side of us , Is going the Same way with similar intentions or in the true case of the SAME intentions and being in Agreement with you . It is a situation of equality.


But each Ship has its Crew , And the Captain of that Crew must be recognised as being that , so the ship runs smoothly.