Some things I miss

One thing for sure , in Virginia we have songbirds , Maybe  you might not get what I mean by that , but Songbirds are a different bunch , most birds are just happy noise . sometimes not so happy .  But songbirds ….. They put it all out there .

 Here in the area of Japan I live in ,…….we  just don’t get songbirds …..  over 10 years … I have CD.s of VA. songbirds because of it , I mean we don’t get them , they are farther north  ,…….but …………


   This morning I was awakened ….to a lone voice , belting it out for all he was worth announcing his arrival and claiming his territory .

If fact he is still going , about an hours worth now .  Putting on a show .  


For some reason me Coffee just tastes better today .( And I didn’t even add any whiskey to it !)