Contemplating My Experience with the Movie Set

Vancouver No Asahi ,……. the name of the Movie .

Fuji TV , backed Production Crew

Horrible Food  Supply ( I really mean that , it was worthy of a Movie in its own right )

Freezing Cold Temperatures , with Summer Clothing on ( It was after all,  Summer scenes we were shooting , so I won’t complain there at all, but it was cold , shivering crumpled up in a Ball trying to keep warm kinda cold )  and you were out in it ALL DAY with no shelter .

Grumpy Costume lady ( but not all of the time )

And a Cast of extras , that came from every part of the planet , I never heard so many languages in one place . That was amazing .

I met some very very cool people on the set , and some whom I probably will never have contact with again . But it all evens out .

I will say though , the experience has inspired me , and for that I am grateful indeed , It has changed a few perspectives on how I will deal with people from now on , and given me a little fire under my belly to do something for myself again .

As it is said , ” The Show must go On ”  and indeed it does . That we may each contribute a verse . I live in an area where it is mostly old people and very quiet , I hear more bird sounds than car noise , even though there are houses all around me . Very few kids , and then only in the morning on their way to school , and on their way home . But they don’t play here , they go somewhere else . ( Great place for a Studio which I have ) But ….it gets depressing . VERY .

This Movie was an exciting adventure and both the good parts and not so good , all balanced out with the good parts stretching out in front far enough to outweigh the other aspects . And I am glad I did it . ( Really just wish the food had been better )

I have several VERY visible parts in the Film , and a Main Yelling part

( Speaking with volume raised considerably !)

“Commander Stash” will live in infamy , and I don’t mind a bit .

The Payment I am receiving puts a dent in furthering my own business project , The original plan was to get a new Laptop , but Macbook Pro is expensive and my Sum didn’t reach where it needed to get that , But there were a great many other needs as well and some of them HAVE been satiated .

In Summation …… If a Movie crew had a big project going and wanted me in it ,….. If they raise the Food bar a bit . I would do it .

Yes ,…. I would do it all over again .   ( God it was cold …..brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!)


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