Not Quite Sure what it is …….

We live out of our Computers nowadays , and when we invest in a machine we do so hoping it will last us and help make life easier .  Does it really ?  My comp is having issues , Tried processing a video the other day , and on Play back dropouts with GReeen , yes Blank GREEN video .

I don’t have a green screen ……….. I mean I know about the Blue Screen of Death , that is a Strictly Windows thing .   And Macs when they go down they generally just go Black and no reaction at all.

Except for the Owners reaction …..

But Broken sloppy , Green Flashes throughout the video ….. needless to say I was a bit disheartened . as that I simply cannot afford a new Macbook pro right now . Transferring the software isn’t an issue , so I don’t lose too much there , but replacing the computer is just not something I am ready or able to do at the moment . Really hurts .

You tube video isn’t loading right either . so I think I have a Video card problem .  any really heavy playback slows it down bad , recording video is out of the question .

2008 isn’t THAT long ago ??? is it ?


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