Off to Chiba Seaside ( My First time )

Next scene we are Ocean bound , off the coast somewhere ( I have no idea where either LOL! )

But it will be nice to see the Pacific again , I have a different view where I live , and it is too familiar , and Beaches , Commercialism etc .

This however will not be that , It will be more Raw Seaside , which I love .  Cliffs of Dover or Tangier Island kinda stuff .  Really looking forward to tomorrow.  Take a little pocket camera and take some pix ( As Long as it isn’t Actors or Set , I can get away with the cam . )

But I love open airy seashores there isn’t a better feeling than riding a Motorcycle along a Seaside service road , with a bag of goodies to eat and Libations of course . Pulling over and listen to the waves crash against the cliffs and the gulls crying out . sip some red , eat some cheese , watch the sun cross the sky . Colours changing ……. But alas , I will be in Costume and playing a part for most of the day .

But fresh Sea Air …..awaits me tomorrow .  I will enjoy this . ( might just sneak a flask of good whiskey with me !)


Tired …. is an interesting word

So Many levels , and variations of what it means . I have learned a new one .

Doing this movie shoot you have days that are back to back with only 3 hours between the bus coming and going to the set

( which is 2 and a half hours away ) 

So back to back days means 48 hours of work with only a short nap in between because it is impossible for me to sleep on the bus .

But then add a Night scene … I made the night scene well enough , and got home sleep coming and going for the morning , hunger etc .

But the Next day …. I have basically just stayed in bed the whole time … Pass out for a while , wake up check email drink water and pass right back out LOL .   Tired . 

But I like it . This kind of Tired also carries the feeling of having done something really creative with it . and looking forward to more of it .

“ROLLING !!     Take TWO >>>>> 3 ,…2…1.Start ! “

Mac Mini Display output problems ( 1 Solution )

Ok , so here is the main point , a Lot of people that have the Mac Mini 2010 models have had display problems , Flicker and dropouts etc .   I found a Mac Mini Server model a few months back for fairly cheap , no display , no keyboard no mouse , no OS ….. Blank Machine .

  It has 2 500 GB 7200 rpm drives in it , and 8 GB Memory .  That is why I got it . 

After getting an HDMI cable and digging out my Old Apple Keyboard and mouse from an earlier setup , I installed the OS , and updates etc .  Got it running ……aaaaaaannnnnnnddddd Yep 

You guessed it , Flicker and dropouts , That is why it was sold so cheap . ( I won’t even tell you what I paid for it )  .   But My Kid who is sometimes on the mark with stuff says to me ” Try the Sony PS3 HDMI cable instead of a Regular HDMI cable , It is a big difference , because some people have similar problems with the PS3 ”    >>>>>>>>   Nah he can’t be right all these Mac Mini problems I have been reading about and Board replacements and other stuff APPLE had to do to fix this ???? Can he Be right ?????  

   Well  fortunately I didn’t have to go far to try his suggestion , Nor did I have to buy anything , He Had the aforementioned cable as that he had a PS3 with that very issue , and he has a Computer monitor with HDMI input . 

 SO …….. I take the Mac Mini into his bedroom , hook everything up LAN , HDMI , Power , Keyboard , Mouse /////   Ok Let’s give it a shot . Power on …….Daaahhhhhhhhhhhh ( You know the sound ) 

    hmmmm  No flicker …….?    surf some video on Youtube …… flicker …….?????

   News ,……ok BBC …….No Flicker no drop out Ok ,, software update , 7 updates , download install restart ,…… flicker . no dropouts …… 


  I will be buying a Sony PS3 HDMI cable in the next couple of days …… 

Which Means My Video /Audio Machine will be up and running 

Dual 7200 Rpm drives 1 TB total   Plus External Drives . I am good with that .

Cool Kid strikes again .