Tascam Mixer Demo ( Without The Demo !!!)

This is one reason why Tascam is Failing . The Title of the Video on the Youtube Channel Says plain and Clear ” Tascam 164 Mixer DEMO ” , And in the Video , Not 1 single time is there a Test or Sound Sample , Not One Time does he plug it in , Not One time does He demonstrate the Feature set . Not One Time does He twist a Knob , Push a Fader , or Anything . It is Titled DEMO …… So Where’s The Beef ?

First off the Mixer has a Signal To Noise Ratio of -69db overall , There isn’t an Audio Professional anywhere that would ever come near this Mixer for that Reason alone .

In Direct Competition , are Mixers like Allen and Heath , Mackie , and Yamaha , ( I won’t even Mention the B Word here)

The Tascam 164UFX with USB runs almost 500 dollars .
What Else is out there with USB that is in the same price range?

#1 Mackie 1220i With FIREWIRE interface Full Duplex in/out Multitrack and Far better Preamps , 2 less Mic Channels .
500 dollars or so

#2 Mackie Onyx 820i with Firewire from 350 to 499 depending on store .

#3 Yamaha MW12CX Compressor and FX , USB 2.0
289 dollars

#4 Yamaha MG 16 channel with USB for 321.00 dollars on Amazon right now

#5 I saw a Used Yamaha O1R Digital Board a Legend in the industry for 360 dollars , and everything worked ….. !!!!!!!

#6 ANY Analougue Mixer that you already have with a 40 dollar USB Line In/Out device from Edirol / Roland , like the UA1x     http://www.roland.com/products/en/UA-1X/

#7 a list of about 20 more mixers in the price range . That I just don’t feel like Typing about , That is What Google search is for .

Copy / Paste this in any search

” Mixing Board with USB2.0 500 dollars ”

and let the list begin growing .

What is it that Tascam doesn’t understand is that the New Digital World , will not tolerate Noisy Inputs no matter How Kitsch the design is .

What does the 164 have going for it ?
DC Power , This is Huge , and for Portable work , a standard 12 Volt input for Car Adapter , Battery , Solar Panel , ABSOLUTE MUST , very cool …….but , Noisy inputs .

Game over ,…… -69 db S/N,…… That means,>>> Post process Noise reduction , and Altering the original recorded Audio .

ALTERING the Audio is a SIN in the Audio field . And if I have to do To much Noise redux , that is What happens , High Frequency loss , Loss of Detail , Air and Naturalness .

another plus point . 6 Mic inputs with Faders , EQ and Routing.
Problem ,……again Noisy Inputs . What Good are all the features in the World of Mixing going to do me if the Mic Preamps are crap . The Mixer looks kinda Cool yeah , but .
Noisy .
The Home recordist DOESNT NEED AN EFFING 16 CHANNEL MIXER . Someone who has a Band does . Someone who actually Works with Audio Does , Someone with a Film Score to do …..Does .

But ,…..- 69 db S/N >>>>>>>>>. In Todays market .
If you go to the TASCAM site and look at the specs , they won’t even list the S/N , it is Buried in another document , and verified by real word testing .

They are releasing stuff , with the HOPE that it will succeed without ever really thinking about the true Conceptuality of what does the Customer actually NEED , Not what you Imagine they want , or try to predict what they want .
There are standards ,

A CD , has a standard S/N Ratio of about -89 Db ,
That means the Noise in the Audio is hidden 89 Db below the Audio Peaks which is kept to just below 0 DB peak level .

The Actual Recording of Audio has to take place at a MUCH HIGHER quality than that , to make room for post processing , Compression , Reverbs , and EQing etc ,

Not Less than

-69 db S/N mean you can hear the Noise , it is not so far away from the Audio

A Good Mic pre ( in the Budget realm of say 150 dollars )
will have a S/N of around -101 db to maybe even as good as -128 Db , there are several , But that isn’t the only factor , The amount of Gain the Type of Sound>>>> Closed, Airy , Squashed , Round , Thin < etc etc etc .
The Inputs mean everything , and if they are crap , so is the rest of the device .

Even if it does Have DC Power ( Which I Like )

Oh and here in Japan at Soundhouse you can Get a SoundCraft EFX 8 that has LEXICON reverbs in it for 42,000 yen or about 400 bux



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