My New ( New To Me ) Toy

My New ( New To Me ) Toy

Fostex VM200 , Awesome Sauce .

Bought used for 30 bux , A little Beat up , But I can fix it , It sounds Awesome with my Mics .
( I have nice mics)

Backlight for the Display isn’t working , and Front edge is bent in where it had been dropped ( No the Pic above is not my Mixer , that is a New one in good condition) But mine will look like that when I get done with it , I assure you !  I have Tools.

But This Mixer is one of the First Digital Mixers that was on the Market , 1999 June , was the original release , and the run went for a couple years , Mine clocks in on March 21, 2000 according to the internal Data after doing a systems check. Firmware Version 1.07 .

The Inputs are Pretty Darn Clean , sound way better than a Mackie VLZ4 series mixer , And I have a Focusrite Twintrack Pro I can Directly compare it to . They are different from each other Tonally , But Quality of sound is pretty dang close , With an EV Blue Raven mic , the Throughput to the Headphones and the SPDF was pretty clean with the input Gain almost all the way up , I didn’t get any noise until the last couple clicks on the Gain knob .  With a Rode NT2a , I had to back the gain way down , and had lots of pretty Air in the sound , Open and spacious . Was really liking that . Then I unplugged the Mics , and went into Utility Mode where I could do Systems checks , All Switches and buttons √  , Ins and Out , Midi √ , LED’s = Not complete .  Ok what is wrong ? , ahhh Backlight LED panel ( Yes it is a Panel , not a Bulb )  crap , that will be hard to replace as they probably don’t make that anymore . Oh well , Get a Clip on Light to put over the top of the Mixer . The Display works , Meters Work .

Opitcal SPDF , or Toslink as anyone who uses Minidisc would get it . is 20 Bit Selectable Freq (KHz)  44.1 , 48

ADAT is also 20 bit . both 44.1 and 48 Khz .

Minidisc Toslink was ….Guess What ?   20 bit , not 16 as you might imagine !  So this Mixer connects Directly with MD Recorders for Killer Live recording .

But I delve into the Macbook Audio Settings for the Line input , aaaaaaannnd Guess what >>>?  Bit Depth selection , of 16 bit , 24 bit , and sandwiched right in between them , yep 20 bit . Way cool

Mixer >> Optical Cable >>> Macbook  Love .

So , I dig Deeper into the Mixer settings , I find  FRAME RATE settings ,HUH?   24 , 25 , 29.97 ,  30D , 30 ND ,  whoaaaooooh cool !

Those are Video settings by the way for those that do not know .   That Gives me , embedded into the Digital Info coming from the TOSLINK or Workclock ( Yes it has Wordclock)  Frame locking ability .

I can link this mixer to a Pro Video camera by Wordclock cable , and Sync Audio directly to the camera .

Which by the way , I happen to be in the Business of !!!!!   ( Note to self , send this blogpost to My Camera guy )

oh and I forgot it has ADAT out , that is 8 channels of Audio , via Digital Optical Cable ……..


Can you tell I am happy ?

Video of Case repair work forthcoming .

(Update July 2014 , VM200 is dead …..RIP )


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