A Perfect Day

I have recently just discovered someone on Youtube , it was purely by chance as I was looking for something else related to a Video Game my Son plays . Anyway , I clicked …..
You know what they say about the internet , You have to be VERY CArEFUL about what you Click on nowadays . >>>
I should have been more careful ,…. But Smitten I am , and enjoyably so . Oh No No , not in the “Lets go Stalking Somebody” kinda way . I am actually Really and truthfully impressed ( which is quite difficult to do mind you , I do not impress easily )
This video , is of a young lady in Australia , and I see a very clear future for her in Voice Over /Acting , Film Work , Theater Performance , etc . I have no Idea how old she is , maybe 18 -21 , but not more than that is for sure . But her mind is older than she is , and her appreciation of what Music really means is as well . Read the Parts in the Video if you can , You might just drift off in reverie if you only Listen , so Pay Attention People , READ what she put in the In Betweens .

I for my part ,….. simply put , absolutely agree with her.


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