What do you do When a Yeti Has the Flu ?

Yeti is is a pretty big Furball,   I mean , Tracking one of them is Hard enough , But what if one drops by your house , and isn’t feeling in so well?

Well , One did .   Yep no joshin  , a Yeti came to my house today . And it isn’t feeling very good , I mean it can make sounds , and can hear , but it doesn’t understand anything , ….. well that wouldn’t be quite fair , it understands basically , but can’t hear itself .

Like most Teenagers , you know what I mean right ?   They speak but don’t really get what they are saying most of the time . Well similar issue here . Speaking to the Yeti , doesn’t get much feedback from it . But if you tell it something , it passes it back sort of . Kinda Garbled

Yep , Yeti Microphone that is …… My friend must have been banging his head against the wall . But the Yetis has the Flu



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