The Fine Art of Film Making

A Story to Tell , with Images and Sound , and Sometimes even a Message hidden inside .

The Art of Film .

I Spent the Morning watching ” The Making of Silent Running ”  Silent running was one of My favourite Sci Fi’s .  But How it was made is even more interesting . Where , What, When, How , all the Actors , Droids , and Environment were all manufactured inside a Pre Fabbed environment that blended so well with the idea , you couldn’t help but let yourself in .

They made Silent Running on a Budget of just over a Million dollars .  Yet travelled a Million Light Years .

All done on real Film , With Real Actors ( even the droids) Every prop was Made , not Digitised .

Editing and Composition was all Real Time , Manual , and no Undo feature in the menu .

Have you seen Silent Running ?  Or Better Yet , were you at the Right Age and in the right time period so that it had the right affect on your reality ?  To see it in Todays world , it might seem Outdated or even Cheesy to the Younger Digital crowd , But if your into Film or Creativity and the Art of the Story , then Take yourself out of this Time Period , allow yourself to forget this Digital World for a time period , and Pretend that your seeing a Film for the very first time , Allow yourself to be Fascinated , ….yes Fascinated , To Allow ourselves to be Amazed at something , rather than be Jaded by all that surrounded us on a Day to Day basis .  Jaded ,… When Nothing Fascinates or Amazes , because we have been Saturated with everything , we lose the simple Joys that make life interesting and worth it .  The Artist , Musicians , Painters , Sculptors , all Allow themselves to be Fascinated , in order to be inspired and keep the Ability to Create the Art you enjoy and ….The Stories you Watch and Listen to , and are inspired by .






A Movie Short , I did the Audio Post Production on . And will be making the rounds eventually to Film Festivals . When It comes out , I will post a link to where you can see it , and Do go see it if your able to , it is quite good .Please Click the Comments link Below on the right for further Info from Maida Hals


Playing With Art Text from Belight Software

Playing With Art Text from Belight Software

I am finding that the uses for this program , if you do Layouts and Graphics , or Posters , Flyers , whatever , the Ideas are endless , This was done with the Free version , then I opened an Image in Preview , Opened the Font File from Art Text in a Separate Preview window , then Copied and Pasted by Section into the Image , Resized the Pasted parts to fit , and then saved as PDF file . This is the PDF exported as JPG , All this you can do With Preview on a Mac . You don’t need Special programs or add ons , But the Art Text Program give to the ability to create Font Structures , and Dimensionality that you couldn’t otherwise . I am going to do a screencast of how I did this pretty soon , Stay tuned . Click on the Picture , it will take you to Art Text .

A Visit to NHK , Studio Park

I Wanted to check out the gear they use for Documentaries and Weekly Programs , Got a few surprises and learned a few things . Backing Music is a group called Arthur Pentameter , I have permission from the composer to use his tracks . He has been a Customer of mine for some time , and is also just a cool guy , Progressive Rock , and Other stuff , They will be Live in Tokyo probably summer 2014

ART Text Concepts

ART Text Concepts

The Program Art Text , from Belight software , has Many uses , Both entertaining and functional . Here is another example of something as simple as designing a Business Card ( Which Isn’t so simple ) But most Softwares that have Business Card Templates are just that ,..Templates , and Your card will look just like everyone else’s . Art Text , with a little imagination , can give you, your Own design that is truly you own . I am really liking this program , and as I learn more about it , I can see it’s usefulness , in more ways than I originally anticipated.
This is just a concept pic , or Idea of what a simple card would look like. I like Bosch Tools to , so it goes without saying I thought I would throw that into the Idea.

My New ( New To Me ) Toy

My New ( New To Me ) Toy

Fostex VM200 , Awesome Sauce .

Bought used for 30 bux , A little Beat up , But I can fix it , It sounds Awesome with my Mics .
( I have nice mics)

Backlight for the Display isn’t working , and Front edge is bent in where it had been dropped ( No the Pic above is not my Mixer , that is a New one in good condition) But mine will look like that when I get done with it , I assure you !  I have Tools.

But This Mixer is one of the First Digital Mixers that was on the Market , 1999 June , was the original release , and the run went for a couple years , Mine clocks in on March 21, 2000 according to the internal Data after doing a systems check. Firmware Version 1.07 .

The Inputs are Pretty Darn Clean , sound way better than a Mackie VLZ4 series mixer , And I have a Focusrite Twintrack Pro I can Directly compare it to . They are different from each other Tonally , But Quality of sound is pretty dang close , With an EV Blue Raven mic , the Throughput to the Headphones and the SPDF was pretty clean with the input Gain almost all the way up , I didn’t get any noise until the last couple clicks on the Gain knob .  With a Rode NT2a , I had to back the gain way down , and had lots of pretty Air in the sound , Open and spacious . Was really liking that . Then I unplugged the Mics , and went into Utility Mode where I could do Systems checks , All Switches and buttons √  , Ins and Out , Midi √ , LED’s = Not complete .  Ok what is wrong ? , ahhh Backlight LED panel ( Yes it is a Panel , not a Bulb )  crap , that will be hard to replace as they probably don’t make that anymore . Oh well , Get a Clip on Light to put over the top of the Mixer . The Display works , Meters Work .

Opitcal SPDF , or Toslink as anyone who uses Minidisc would get it . is 20 Bit Selectable Freq (KHz)  44.1 , 48

ADAT is also 20 bit . both 44.1 and 48 Khz .

Minidisc Toslink was ….Guess What ?   20 bit , not 16 as you might imagine !  So this Mixer connects Directly with MD Recorders for Killer Live recording .

But I delve into the Macbook Audio Settings for the Line input , aaaaaaannnd Guess what >>>?  Bit Depth selection , of 16 bit , 24 bit , and sandwiched right in between them , yep 20 bit . Way cool

Mixer >> Optical Cable >>> Macbook  Love .

So , I dig Deeper into the Mixer settings , I find  FRAME RATE settings ,HUH?   24 , 25 , 29.97 ,  30D , 30 ND ,  whoaaaooooh cool !

Those are Video settings by the way for those that do not know .   That Gives me , embedded into the Digital Info coming from the TOSLINK or Workclock ( Yes it has Wordclock)  Frame locking ability .

I can link this mixer to a Pro Video camera by Wordclock cable , and Sync Audio directly to the camera .

Which by the way , I happen to be in the Business of !!!!!   ( Note to self , send this blogpost to My Camera guy )

oh and I forgot it has ADAT out , that is 8 channels of Audio , via Digital Optical Cable ……..


Can you tell I am happy ?

Video of Case repair work forthcoming .

(Update July 2014 , VM200 is dead …..RIP )