Broadcasting now on Mixlr for 1 hour

Streaming some good Slide Guitar , and testing out a Service I plan on really making use of in 2014 !!!  come slide on it !



NCIS ( Yeah I Watch the reruns as that is what is in Japan)

I don’t get to Keep up , so I just didn’t know , But on Weekdays Mon thru Thursday. Channel 7 TV Tokyo shows NCIS at 12:30 to 1:30 Pm , it IS,…. My Daily dose of English .

Today …… I am shocked , totally didn’t see this coming , My Favourite character gets Taken out , Bullet right in the Forehead from a Sniper . Yes I am referring to Caitlin , Man that one took me right out . NCIS without Caitlin ,….. well ……Just ……..Isn’t !!!!?!?!?!?