Good morning, you’re listening to National Public Radio….. ( sound by Moi’)


Messages that lift your countenance

A friend messaged me out of the blue this morning. I had to share this.

It starts when I open my door and make my way to the car … the air smells sweet but already has a salty coastal dampness to it today … that crisp ‘kerchunk’ sound as the car opens itself to my command … I settle myself into my seat for the journey into work …
Engine purrs … wipers clear the way … head lights illuminated … feeling warmth from the seat already … music on and I’m away …
I begin to drive through the country lanes as Pink Floyd starts to play on the stereo … Welcome to the Machine …
My beautiful journey has begun …
The mechanical pulsing heartbeat … with its slushing stethoscopic rhythm … I want to pull over and close my eyes and just loose myself in that captivating beat that enters my ears and rushes through my head and down my spine … it goes through me like my life blood … it is hypnotic and my breathing is deep and in time … long … slow … in time and with purpose …
I’m suddenly thrust into almost coastal mist … I’m totally submerged and my car is now subaquatic … pulling me under … I swallow to remove the pressure to my ears as I dive deeper … I travel through this murky underwater landscape as the air moves above me like silent rolling silver waves that sparkle eerily with unknown shadows and bright effervescence … all sounds are muffled and acoustics are haunting … sounds like far off whale calls … shut off from everything above the water line … sealed in beneath the waves …
How strange is this cloudy habitat with its passing trees that are now transformed into huge coral growths with their outstretched arms … almost welcoming … wanting to grab me like sirens fingers … fooling me with their haunting song … spiny fingers pointing in all directions but so beautifully silhouetted against the milky haze … passing cars with their underwater search lights that suddenly appear like cats eyes and turn quickly to laser beams as they draw closer … to pass me by with a sudden whooosh but peacefully without shark attack …
Buildings appear like long lost underwater cities … submerged archeology … sunken ships … fascinating hidden structures … I want to explore them but I travel past … travel on in my mind … in my machine …
Welcome to my journey … welcome to the machine …

Getting older and not so much wiser

I have people try to take what I know , steal knowledge if they can , take jobs that would be mine .
But what I know is mine . I will share only so much , and choose whom I share it with .

There is one person whom I would share everything I know with . But that is a different story altogether and will remain mine alone .

Audio is an art , it really is , and a skill . But you have to recognize it as an Art not just skill . Skill alone is sterile and has no feeling or emotion , it is just a system or a way of doing something . As an Art combined with skill , then it is something altogether different , it becomes a living part of something , filled with emotion and power .

I have had an artist coming to my studio whom I feel very strongly about , their dedication , their heartfelt involvement with the songs , attention to detail , knowing exactly what they want from the song ……  such a breath of fresh” air ”

right now recording is on hold, being contemplated , distance of travel , time , scheduling and other tensions,  I am in an inconvenient location , and have to meet other needs myself .
I so hope though , that this one continues to fruition , these songs deserve to be heard, and must get recorded properly with the emotion they deserve as well , because they are definitely not sterile .

I am in need of patience , and the right words to encourage said artist . And myself as well , as this project will not be an easy one for either one of us.

But I will give my all to make it happen if they can see their way through the fog .

I owe it to this person, I owe a great deal to this person

The Watanabes

A Little taste of live music , from the band . I did an Impromptu recording with a Sennheiser MKE44P Stereo mic , connected to a Roland R26 . Post processing in DSP Quattro , with Eareckons wonderful plugins , EQ , Compression , Limiting etc , Then some widening with UpStereo and BitterSweet , to just get it where I wanted it .
Finished off with just a Touch of a Very Wide reverb ,

Enjoy :

The Watanabes Live

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 14.54.53

When I believe in something I promote it.

But when Someone simply does not care about supporting their product , I won’t

DO NOT buy , SoundSoap 5 from Antares Software .

I bought it , It Crashes , I contacted support, They asked for info , I gave it , The said “fuck you , we don’t care ”   in lesser terms  .

Over 100 dollars spent …. under zero percent return …….

I really should post the email response I got …….. But I won’t .