Song lyric

Raindrops taste just like tears without the pain……..

There are depths of meaning in many things that pass in front of day to day, but we ignore most of them.

As we also do to the pain each other carries.






There are points in life

where nothing makes sense, and you misread everything.

Song Titles are the Group name, and lyrics , are stories that you thought were the same, as yours.

But they aren’t.

You hear bits and pieces, that hold your gaze, upon an image that you yourself made.

As beautiful as the refrain may be, the song cannot be played in tune with anything else you know……

but then we aren’t talking about songs are we…… or are we?

What are songs but bits and pieces of life.

From someone else’s perspective.

Trying to find something in common with someone else’s.

Set to melody and cursory rhymes.

A song line:

I’ll give you broken dreams, I will give you faded glory, I’ll give streets and stories, I want to be your city.

Out of context the one line becomes a story on its own.

So many things out of context.

And no one is listening.

Really listening,  to the song.


You wrote songs that are out of context, and you wrote them about me.

But you won’t hear mine.






Got a Tooth fixed today

A Spot that has been a Design flaw and bane of my existence for 40 years that American dentists would not fix when I was in the US many years ago .


This dentist here in Japan , on first visit , Which is just Checking out what issues you have and basic cleaning , to set a plan Just without me even asking said to me ,

” I am going to fix that first for you , That should not be there …….


A Visible detriment to my confidence …….. is now gone ….. I can smile a little easier

Messages that lift your countenance

A friend messaged me out of the blue this morning. I had to share this.

It starts when I open my door and make my way to the car … the air smells sweet but already has a salty coastal dampness to it today … that crisp ‘kerchunk’ sound as the car opens itself to my command … I settle myself into my seat for the journey into work …
Engine purrs … wipers clear the way … head lights illuminated … feeling warmth from the seat already … music on and I’m away …
I begin to drive through the country lanes as Pink Floyd starts to play on the stereo … Welcome to the Machine …
My beautiful journey has begun …
The mechanical pulsing heartbeat … with its slushing stethoscopic rhythm … I want to pull over and close my eyes and just loose myself in that captivating beat that enters my ears and rushes through my head and down my spine … it goes through me like my life blood … it is hypnotic and my breathing is deep and in time … long … slow … in time and with purpose …
I’m suddenly thrust into almost coastal mist … I’m totally submerged and my car is now subaquatic … pulling me under … I swallow to remove the pressure to my ears as I dive deeper … I travel through this murky underwater landscape as the air moves above me like silent rolling silver waves that sparkle eerily with unknown shadows and bright effervescence … all sounds are muffled and acoustics are haunting … sounds like far off whale calls … shut off from everything above the water line … sealed in beneath the waves …
How strange is this cloudy habitat with its passing trees that are now transformed into huge coral growths with their outstretched arms … almost welcoming … wanting to grab me like sirens fingers … fooling me with their haunting song … spiny fingers pointing in all directions but so beautifully silhouetted against the milky haze … passing cars with their underwater search lights that suddenly appear like cats eyes and turn quickly to laser beams as they draw closer … to pass me by with a sudden whooosh but peacefully without shark attack …
Buildings appear like long lost underwater cities … submerged archeology … sunken ships … fascinating hidden structures … I want to explore them but I travel past … travel on in my mind … in my machine …
Welcome to my journey … welcome to the machine …

The Watanabes

A Little taste of live music , from the band . I did an Impromptu recording with a Sennheiser MKE44P Stereo mic , connected to a Roland R26 . Post processing in DSP Quattro , with Eareckons wonderful plugins , EQ , Compression , Limiting etc , Then some widening with UpStereo and BitterSweet , to just get it where I wanted it .
Finished off with just a Touch of a Very Wide reverb ,

Enjoy :

The Watanabes Live

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 14.54.53